Borjomi – Rabati

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  • Borjomi Park – has become the hallmark of Georgia because of an amazing mineral water. Its healing properties are known from ancient times. It is important to note that origin of this water is volcanic. Natural carbon dioxide pushes it onto the earth’s surface from a depth of about 8-10 kilometers. Unlike many other mineral waters, the uniqueness of Borjomi is that it does not have time to cool under the ground, so it comes out warm, and during its journey enriches itself with the many minerals contained in the Caucasian mountains. Borjomi Park officially became known as a nature reserve only in 1935.


  • The town of Akhaltsikhe (Rabat fortress) – Along the very bank of the quiet river Potskhovi, the main attraction of the town of Akhaltsikhe – the ancient stone fortress of Rabat rises, which keeps the presence of traces of two cultures – Georgian and Turkish. The Rabat fortress, renewed and fully renovated not so long ago, can be seen from almost anywhere in the cozy Georgian town called Akhaltsikhe. During its long history, the citadel had to see a lot, including devastation, desolation, the restructuring of churches and the change of government. To our time, approximately in XXI century, only a few buildings survived by a miracle.


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