Martvili, Prometheus Cave

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Canyon Martvili – It is located in 8 km from the municipal center of Martvili and is known by several names: “Gachedili Canyons” (in honor of the village located nearby) and “Abasha River Canyons” (they are located exactly on the Abash River). The length of this natural attraction is 2400 m, the depth of the notch is from 20 to 40 meters. In several places, the canyon descends by terraces and in the middle forms the famous stepped-cascade martvilsky waterfall, 12 meters in height. On the boat to the canyon you can swim deep enough and see with your own eyes the amazing beauty of the local nature. Martvili Canyon is on the list of 10 priority locations in Georgia, which has been given the status of a natural monument.

In addition to beauty, the Martvili canyon is also interesting because both in the canyon itself and in its surroundings petrified animal bones were found that lived on the earth millions of years ago, including dinosaur paw prints. Traces of the abode of the primitive caveman are also noticed. In 100 meters from the canyon, there is a place that the locals call the “royal bathing of the Dadiani family”. The water in the canyon is clear, turquoise in color and in any season of the year it is always cold and never gets warm. Martvilsky canyon can be viewed in two ways: by renting a boat, or from a wooden bridge from which the canyon is viewed from above.

Kumistavi Cave (Prometheus Cave). Kumistavi Cave, also known as Prometheus Cave, is located near the town of Tskhaltubo and approximately 20 km from Kutaisi, in the Imereti region of western Georgia. After the discovery of the cave in 1984, it was almost immediately made a tourist object. Kumistavi is the largest cave in Georgia. Only one-tenth of it is open to tourists, and even with this, a walk through the cave takes almost an hour. Inside there are underground lakes and rivers, there is very high humidity and there are bats, which, however, do not bother tourists, because they fly very high.

Today the Prometheus Cave, surrounded by a specially designed natural area with a radius of 3 kilometers, is one of the most attractive places for guests of Georgia. A visit to the cave provides a unique opportunity to see the underworld of this region in all its glory. Tourists can choose 1600 meter walking route through the grottoes of the cave and / or boat ride through a real underground river. The route passes by breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites, underground waterfalls, rivers and even the whole lake.

The system of multi-colored underground lighting based on liquid crystal lamps and classical music constantly playing in the cave adds a magical feeling to all this, which makes the route even more attractive and memorable. Inside, comfortable air temperature is maintained, which is about 14 degrees of heat, so the cave is open to tourists all year round.

Kumistavi got its sonorous tourist name “Prometheus Cave” thanks to the famous Caucasian myth about Amirani, who, like Prometheus, angered the gods, because of which he was subjected to punishment. Day and night the eagle tormented his liver; however, unlike the ancient Greek titan, the Amirani cruel gods chained not outside, but somewhere inside a large cave. Presumably, it is inside Kumistavi.


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